Kidney Health Gateway

KidneyHealthGateway.com –Your Kidney Health Revolution Starts Here.

KidneyHealthGateway.com is a patient-centric website designed to be used as a resource to help approximately 100,000 glomerular kidney disease patients nationwide access expert care and cutting-edge research opportunities for rare and chronic kidney diseases like FSGS, IgA Nephropathy, Minimal Change Disease, Membranous Nephropathy and others.

The digital tool is aimed at assisting patients connect to appropriate clinical trial opportunities. After answering several questions regarding their health and diagnosis, patients are shown a list of clinical trials fitting their criteria—ultimately showing each patient their best individualized trial options.

KidneyHealthGateway.com also includes a list of ‘Nephrotic Syndrome Specialists’ in order to help connect patients to glomerular kidney disease experts earlier in their diagnosis. The goal of the program is to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce the potential for irreversible kidney damage by providing earlier access to clinicians who are specialists in and routinely treat Nephrotic Syndrome.

For more information or to see which clinical trial is best for you, visit KidneyHealthGateway.com


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