Our Founders

A Message From Our Founders Bonnie & Ed Schneider

My name is Bonnie Schneider and I am the co-founder along with my husband Ed of the IGA Nephropathy Foundation of America.

In 2004 our son Eddie was diagnosed with IGAN at age 13. When we were told the diagnosis the first thing we did was go on the Internet and search for help and support. That moment was as devastating as his diagnosis because there was nothing out there to help us get through this new chaos, which was now our new normal.

I realized at that moment that if nothings been done it’s up to us to do it. With a lot of prayers and faith we became a 501c3 and to date have raised almost $1,000,000 for research and patient education.

Our success can be attributed to our Board of Directors, Lenny Erlanger President & CEO, Texas affiliate (Edwina Vidosh President), corporate partners, tireless donors and our IGAN Volunteers. Our success would never have come to be without their passionate support.

2019 is going to be a very exciting time for our foundation. We recently announced our joining forces with HSP (Henoch Schonlein Purpura) patients which is also a kidney disease very similar to IGAN. HSP Patients can now come to us for support and encouragement.

In just 15 years we have research ongoing at the University of Alabama – Birmingham and Columbia University. Both of these studies prove to be very hopeful for all those affected with IGAN.

Although this is very exciting news for us we have a long way to go. Please join us as we work towards better treatment and a cure for all those with these chronic kidney diseases.

God Bless you!