Thriving Through Food

Thriving Through Food

Emma Ryan, Integrative Health Coach


Hi! I’m Emma, founder of Emma Ryan Vitality Coaching and lover of people. I’m an integrative nutrition health coach, raw food chef, and plant based sports nutritionist. I have dedicated by career to working with people and helping them feel their best, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

After living through cancer, multiple auto-immune diseases, eating disorders, and a long list of ailments, I realized that this life was meant to be lived, and it was my choice how I was going to live it. Whether it was sick and tired or alive and thriving – the choice was mine. Working with clients means I get to share my love of health and wellness with other people while being their accountability partner and being the coach I wish I had when I needed it most.

I love to talk about nutrition and the simplicity of healthy lifestyles, but I also like to talk about the hard stuff too. Our mental and emotional mindset goes hand-in-hand with our eating behavior, so you better bet we are going to work on it all. No one ever said it was going to be easy – but it will most certainly be worth it.


Learn how to fuel your body with foods that not only support you, but fight for you. Sometimes it’s often the simplest of changes that make the greatest impact. This class is meant to help get you started and will be geared towards patients with IgA.


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