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Organ and tissue donation is truly a gift of life. Each month more than 2,000 new names are added to the national waiting list for organ transplants, and, on average, 17 people die each day waiting for a transplant of a vital organ such as a kidney, liver or heart.

In addition to solid organ donation, every year over 900,000 lives are helped through tissue and eye donation. Donated heart valves can replace damaged ones, special grafts help patients with spinal deformities live normal lives, musculoskeletal tissues replaces bone, tendons and ligaments lost to cancer, severe trauma, degenerative joint disease, arthritis and other conditions. Skin can save the lives of burn victims. A single donor can help up to 50 people – often many more improve their lives. To find out how to be an organ, tissue and eye donor in your state, visit Laws regarding donation vary from state to state. Please make sure that you know your state’s requirements so that your wishes to become a donor are carried out.


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