The IGAN Story

Established in 2004 to better fund research, the IGA Nephropathy Foundation of America has as its primary objective the eradication of this chronic kidney disease while also addressing the many problems faced by the patients and their families. As a recognized 501(C) (3) non-profit, public health organization, we are committed to research for a cure, public education and patient service.

Like so many other organizations, ours began with several concerned parents, relatives and friends sitting around a table determined to do something. We wanted to make an immediate impact and felt that raising funds and earmarking them for research was the way to go. We incorporated as a non-profit, received our 501(C) (3) and then set about raising funds. To date we have awarded almost $1,000,000 to research fellowship grants for research into the causes and a cure for IGA Nephropathy.

Most recently, the foundation donated $80,000 to UAB research, the donation was matched by the University making the total donation towards UAB research $160,000.

Make no mistake. We are going to find a cure. It may take time, but we will find it. Our volunteer Board of Directors and staff are up to the task, all we need is a little help from our friends.