Leadership Team

Who we are

Our leadership team is passionate and committed to finding better alternatives and treatments for all who have IgAN. We are dedicated to this task as we all have IgAN within our families.

Meet our dynamic leadership team!

Bonnie Schneider
Director & Co-Founder

In 2004 Bonnie’s son Eddie was diagnosed with IgAN and after finding a lack of information available and hearing that there was no ongoing research to find a cure, she quit her job in marketing and started the IgA Nephropathy Foundation with her husband, Ed. Bonnie works full time as Director of the Foundation.

Alena Riddick
Program/Events Manager

Alena is a care partner to an IGAN warrior. In 2019 her wife, Gisela received a kidney after being diagnosed with IGAN at an early age.

She joined the foundation and works closely with the founder and pharmaceutical companies  as well as patients and care partners so they know they are not alone.

Stuart Miller
Director of Strategic Planning & Government Affairs

Stuart and his wife live in Georgia. Stuart has IgAN and had a living donor transplant from his wife Carole through the paired exchange program. Stuart leads the foundation’s strategic planning ensuring we meet and exceed our goals for success.

Gisela Delgado
Brand Creative Director

Gisela was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy at the age of 14. Ultimately it lead to to her kidney failure at the age of 38 requiring a kidney transplant. Luckily, she was able to avoid dialysis and received a pre-emptive transplant from her brother. Today she wears many hats with the Foundation but her primary focus is developing the brand to be the trusted resource for all IgA Nephropathy patients and caregivers.⁠

Michelle Petro
Patient support/Volunteer programs

Michelle is an interior designer for 25yrs, loves to create and help others achieve peace and harmony within their surroundings. She is a mother to 3, a daughter and 2 sons. 

She is also an animal advocate, loves dogs especially pugs, Rudy has been my rock and emotional support for almost 10yrs. Michelle was diagnosed with aggressive crescentic, stage 3 IgA in 2007. In 2015 she started Peritoneal Dialysis. Michelle received a kidney transplant from a deceased donor on 10/31/19. 


Amanda Skeens
Patient support/Volunteer programs

Amanda was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy at the age of 31.  Her diagnosis was found through a routine physical like so many other patients on their kidney journeys.  She is currently between stages 3-4 and works full-time for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey.  Amanda is one of our leads for community outreach to promote our mission of the Foundation.  Right now she is currently working on connecting fellow kidney warriors and caregivers from across the United States and Canada for monthly patient support groups.  Her daily mantra is “you are STRONGER than you’ll ever know” which has helped her through her kidney journey.