Mental Health & Common Stressors 

What is mental health?

Mental health includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Many people would include their spiritual health too. Our mental or emotional well-being can affect how we: 



Make Choices

Relate to Others

Living with a chronic health condition can test our resilience and coping skills. It may also place added burden or strain on our relationships. For some, it might mean giving up jobs that are too intense or stressful.

Pay attention to your feelings and how IgA Nephropathy affects your general outlook and happiness. If you start to feel down or overwhelmed, talk about it and ask for help.

Common challenges patients face  

One way to stay ahead of the emotional rollercoaster that can come with having or caring for someone with IgA Nephropathy is to be aware of possible stressors – those things that might cause added strain or make someone feel powerless in being able to change things for the better – and make a plan for how to deal with each one.

Some of these may be within your control and others may not. But recognizing what might cause you worry and talking it through them can be helpful and will also help put challenges in perspective.

Common stressors & challenges

Uncertainty about the future and what’s going to happen; for example, not knowing how the disease may progress. (Some people fear their kidneys may give out and they will miss important life events, and need dialysis or a new kidney)

Finding a nephrologist (kidney doctor) who knows about IgA Nephropathy and which treatments or medical procedures are best

Financial burden of frequent medical visits, laboratory tests, and treatments

Not being able to work or contribute in the same way, or making hard choices to switch jobs if needed 

Not being able to do some of the things you once did

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the lifestyle changes that ideally need to be made – exercise, diet, etc. – and not knowing where or how to start

Having to lean on others, fearing you’ll be a burden, hold them back from fulfilling their dreams or strain your relationships

The waiting period for bloodwork or lab results to see what they might say about your kidney health

Body image concerns, especially for people taking prednisone of other medications that can lead to weight gain 

Learning that even after a transplant, IgA Nephropathy can come back in the new kidney  or medical procedures are best

Make sure you have access to good, reliable information about IgA Nephropathy so that you don’t get ahead of yourself and start to worry about things that don’t apply to you based on your stage of kidney disease; sometimes we expect the worse and the swirling “what ifs” can cause undue anxiety.
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Common challenges patients face  

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Mental Health & Common Stressors
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